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Quedate en casa!!!.Dime que tienes en tu despensa o en tu nevera y te ayudaré a preparar a

"...My desserts are made with passion and love..."

Archetti’s Boutique Bakery and its Chef Susana Archetti, trying to satisfy the needs of consumers (intolerances, tastes) in an important topic such as desserts in a diet, has managed to develop, starting from classic pastry recipes, desserts more healthy, easy to digest and with no gluten, less fat, sugar, calories, etc.


Knowledge of techniques has enabled him to ensure that these low-calorie desserts continue to have an excellent taste and aroma that impresses our customers. Delicious, beautiful, and surprisingly light, these handmade desserts be an unforgettable gift for the recipient.

"I was always taught that when people order food, it's because they're hungry, and when people order desserts, it's because they want you to make them happy." Renae Connolly.


Meet the Pastry Chef

Susana Archetti is a Venezuelan pastry chef that decided to teach Pastry techniques and sell her desserts for Catering and Restaurants with her company Archetti's LLC, not too long after moving to sunny Miami.

Susana became a chef in 2010. Two years later, she decided to pursue a Master's in pastry, and since then, she has taught pastry classes in different culinary institutions. 


Susana creates not just desserts but art! She was born in Venezuela; her father was from Italy, and her mother was from Spain. So her family's international flavors and cultures are incorporated into her desserts.


She creates a unique experience that no one has tried before. The textures, colors, and presentation are one of a kind.


She is always available to answer any questions. So do not hesitate to contact her.

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